Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to pay a service call fee just to have you come out?

The service call fee is a standard fee across all trades which is put in place to cover some of the operating costs of the business. The service call fee is to help cover fuel costs, the pay of the technician for travel time, the time for the technician to diagnosis the issue and time spent with customers to go over options for repair/replacing parts and equipment. There is also time spent by the office booking calls, dispatching technicians. To be honest there are a lot of times where the repair is extremely simple and the homeowner can even fix the issue themselves. Without a service call fee we would be operating at a loss if no work was then completed with us. With a service call fee we can be truthful and explain what actually needs to happen without feeling the need to “look for problems”. All of our technicians are master licensed and can properly diagnosis any situation and recommend the correct steps. The $89 service call fee is applied towards any repair or work done.

Does Streamline Services install parts/equipment I bought myself?

No, we do not install customer provided equipment. We want to know where your equipment came from and be assured that our distributors will stand behind it, in case of failure. If we don’t provide equipment, we have no idea of its history-was it used? Was it dropped in shipping? Is it the right equipment for the application? Is it a quality brand? Also, we want to discourage a marketplace that sells directly to unlicensed, non-EPA (US- Environmental Protection Agency) certified individuals. HVAC is not a “do-it-yourself” kind of project. Existing laws and regulations were put in place to protect homeowners from harm as well as uphold the integrity of our industry. From my own research most customers are paying a lot more for parts online than they would from a dealer anyway.

What is a labor warranty and why are they different from company to company?

Simply put, a labor warranty is a promise from the installing company to stand behind their work and install the equipment correctly. Most new equipment you buy comes with a 10-year parts warranty these days. Part warranties are a promise from the manufacturer to the customer that the equipment you purchased will be free from any defects and failures. If it does they will take care of it and pay for the cost of the parts for the duration of the warranty. Why should it be any different for labor? We agree it shouldn’t, if a company offers a 5-year labor warranty or a 1-year labor warranty, what does that say about their work? They only stand behind your work for 5 years or less? Streamline Services offers only 10-year labor warranty on new equipment we stand behind everything we do.

My neighbor just had a new A/C put in, why am I paying more/less than they are?

Honestly we don’t know. That’s impossible to answer, unless we performed the work on your neighbor’s house. The biggest difference we see in cost is how the customer uses their home compared to your neighbor. For instance, your neighbor is perfectly comfortable at a indoor temperature of 75 degrees, but you want your house to maintain a perfect 68 degrees in the summer do you think you both need to purchase the same A/C? Obviously not, you both are doing very different jobs. Furnace and A/C are completely customized to your home, features and options change, some people need their HVAC systems to communicate via Bluetooth, some don’t. All these little features affect the cost of a job. Your contractor should be asking you these questions and a lot more if he or she isn’t asking a lot of questions about how YOU use and live in your home, how can he or she give you and accurate estimate? Homes and people come in many shapes and sizes, so does HVAC equipment. There isn’t a one size fits all option.

How often should I have my equipment serviced and do I really need a service plan/club membership?

Again, this really depends on your specific home and needs. Furnace and A/C’s that are exposed, like in a crawl space or attic need to be serviced yearly. Furnaces in basements vary on conditions. If your basement is relatively clean and dry you should be fine every 3-5 years. However, if you have an old furnace doing it more often will extend the life of your furnace. Do you need a service plan? Well, as you can see it depends on your needs. A service plan is a good idea for some who need regular maintenance every single year but a waste of time and money if you need every 3-5 years. Ultimately, no one knows your home and how you use it better than you.

What does your Test Drive 100% money back guarantee mean and what’s the catch?

No catch. It means simply this…If we install new equipment in your home use it for 12 months and at any point you do not like the system for any reason whatsoever we will remove the system for free and give 100% of the purchase price back. No headaches, No drama, No excuses, No “catch”. .